Sunday, April 22, 2012

Delayed Egg Hunt

Yesterday, we joined my brother- and sister-in-law at my in-laws for lunch and a delayed egg hunt.  My brother-in-law hid the eggs for both generations of kids, littles in the front yard and bigs in the back yard.  He even tried incorporated Passover by hiding a special egg with money in it...almost the afikomen tradition.  It was so nice that he tried to incorporate both holidays.

Before the big hunt...I think the sun was in her eyes.

Kaleb finding his one of many eggs...He helped Hannah and Zach find theirs too.

The kids before the hunt....Chloe and Kaleb went first.

Chloe loved hunting with her Uncle John.

Showing off the goods after the fun

Hanging with their Aunt Amy on the couch
We all had a great time.  We were only missing cousins Jaden, Kanen, and Scott; we hope Jaden feels better soon!


  1. Looks like everybody had a great time.

  2. What fun! Our big kids still like the egg hunts, especially when their is a prize egg and a money egg!